Best books for SSC

Best books for ssc cgl

Best books for SSC

If a person has cleared SSC exams himself or he has been in touch of SSC exam for long period with a good understanding, then only, according to me, he can suggest you best books for SSC. As I have cleared many SSC exams and have been in the teaching field for many years can throw some light on the topic “Best books for SSC”. I will elaborate which books, and why, are necessary for each section of SSC exams.


SSC Quant has 2 portions:

  1. Arithmetic Ability
  2. Advance Math

Arithmetic ability, let’s first understand the nature of this portion. In arithmetic ability examiner can make an infinite number of questions and can create a lot more situations as compared to Advance math portion. So you should avoid memorizing tricks and develop strong conceptual understanding. Because questions may be infinite but CONCEPTS ARE DEFINITELY FINITE. And I am saying so because I have covered all the concepts through my videos. There is no concept left outside the span of my video lectures. What you should do is watch all the video lectures first (You can do so by downloading our Android app, by CLICKING HERE). After watching detailed lectures, a student needs questions to practice those concepts. And for good, for practicing questions you can download e1’s Arithmetic Ability book from the above-said app or by CLICKING HERE.

Questions asked from Advance math are repetitive. So for this portion, we must give priority to previous year questions and the concepts on which previous year questions have been asked. So you must first understand all the concepts from our videos (through our Android app). And then practice questions from the Study material given in the app. Now you may think I haven’t told you any book. I have been teaching Quant for 4 years and have provided all material to students through the Android app so YOU DO NOT NEED ANY EXTRA MATERIAL for Quant. But after doing what I told you, at least twice, you must take mock tests to know where you are lacking. And your quant portion is just taken care of. But still, if you want you can buy Previous Year Questions Chapter wise (by Kiran Prakashan) and practice from there.



English, like any language, can be divided into three parts:

  1. GRAMMAR (set of rules)
  2. UNDERSTANDING (strengthens by usage)
  3. VOCABULARY (meaning of words)

Books to strengthen each portion are given below:

  1. GRAMMAR: You can read High school grammar by Wren & Martin or Plinth to paramount by Neetu or both.
  2. UNDERSTANDING: You must practice 2 Reading Comprehensions daily from Previous Year Questions Chapter-wise (PYQCW) by kiran parkashan. And develop a reading habit. Read at least 3–4 articles daily from any newspaper.
  3. VOCABULARY: Some portion of vocab like one-word substitutions and Idioms and Phrases can be memorized from PYQCW. And portions like Antonyms and Synonyms (in my opinion) should not be memorized but developed over a long period by consistently writing difficult words and their meanings in a separate notebook. And you must revise that notebook daily. Word power made easy is also a must read (at least 1/3rd of starting) book to understand how root words are used to form different words.

I told you 4 books for English:

  1. High School Grammar by Wren and Martin
  2. Plinth to Paramount by Neetu
  3. Previous Year questions of SSC by Kiran Parkashan
  4. Word Power made easy by Norman Lewis


This portion of SSC Exams is very-very easy. For this, if you are taking coaching, just practise questions given by your coaching center. If you are preparing by Self-study, then just buy Previous Year Questions Chapter wise.

General Knowledge:

Syllabus for this section of SSC Exams is very vast. So, I would recommend covering some important topics only like: Polity, History, Geography, Biology and Environment Science. These topics can be covered from Arihant G.K book by Manohar Pandey.

Other facilities provided by us:

  1. Free study material for all subjects
  2. Free full video lectures
  3. Doubt clearing group
  4. Mock test series
  5. Latest exam updates

All these facilities can be availed by you through our Android app. Search “SSC VIDEOS” on Play Store or CLICK HERE to download our Android app.



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